School Year Classes

For our regular weekday, after school (and some daytime) classes, you sign your child up for a class that he or she will commit to for the year.  You may choose to pay a few different ways.  You can either pay one payment for the whole year, per semester (twice in the year), or monthly.  If you choose to pay monthly you will make 9 monthly payments.  Price is the same whether there is 3, 4, or 5 weeks in the instructional month. Committing to an entire year of dance is the most beneficial program in helping your child grow in his/her dance ability.  Students will be given the chance to participate in an in-house Winter Show and the end of the year Spring Recital. 


We will continue to offer our very popular mini sessions for select classes throughout the year.  These are a really wonderful option for kids and parents who are trying to figure out what the best activity is for them.  Mini sessions 1, 2 & 3 are 6-week long sessions.  Mini session 4 will run for 10 weeks and lead up to the Red Carpet Recital Experience. Students can join at the beginning of each session.  Students may also continue in the same class throughout the entire year as each session will build your dancer's knowledge and dance ability.  Students who participate in Mini-Sessions will be given the chance to participate in an end of the year showcase.  Session dates are as follows:

Mini Session 1: September 8  - October 24

Mini Session 2: October 26 - December 12

Mini Session 3: January 4 - February 12

Mini Session 4: February 22 - May 8 (10 weeks)

Mid May (date TBA) Mini Session Red Carpet Recital Experience



Online Classes

Join us for our On Demand Online dance classes! We are excited to be offering two programs this school year! Both programs are only $39/month (no registration fee) and can be transferred to a live option at any point throughout the year pending availability! The beauty of this program is the ability to take class whenever is convenient for you and your child. Plus, they can take class more than once! It provides for a perfect activity while mom or dad are trying to get some work done. The arts are so important when it comes to brain development and the curriculum we follow encourages growth through age appropraite content and concepts. We are excited to bring this program right into the comfort of your own home! Plus - this program is totally flexible! If you decide you're ready to re-join in person classes you can discontinue your membership for no fee! However, just know that we will be offering this all year - it's a great addition even if your dancer is taking in-person classes! Our curriculum follows a gender neutral structure so it is great for both boys and girls! 

Discover Dance On Demand

These classes are geared towards dancers ages 3-6 (incoming Kindergarteners and under) and your tuition includes the following: 

- Weekly, pre-recorded 30-minute class uploads to take on their own time, which follow our Discover Dance Curriculum structure.
- Weekly story times.
- Bi-monthly craft sessions uploaded to your membership site for your dancer to complete at home.
- Monthly coloring pages to match the concept being covered in dance class.
- Access to our private Facebook page with fun pop-ups

Primary Dance On Demand

Join us for our On Demand primary dance classes! This class is geared towards grades 1-4 and is a perfect beginner/intermediate class. Tuition for this On Demand course includes the following: 

- Weekly, 30 minute classes that alternate between ballet and jazz. 
- Monthly craft tutorials
- Bi-monthly activity and coloring pages
- Bi-monthly Pop-up dance routines/ exercises to learn for fun! 
- Parent access to our private Facebook page