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Pink Powder

Jeans/stiff pants should never be worn. They do not leave enough room for flexibility and mobility.

Pink Powder

Hair should be styled in a way that keeps it out of the face. This means a bun, ponytail, or braid(s).

Pink Powder

Dresses should also be avoided unless they are ballet dresses with bottoms built in. Tumbling and certain ballet moves become very difficult in this type of clothing.

Pink Powder

Distracting or loose jewelry should not be worn for safety reasons (i.e. necklaces, dangly earrings).

Pink Powder

Socks and tights are not acceptable footwear as it is much too slippery to dance in.


We ask that dancers do not wear ballet shoes that have been purchased from Target or Meijer as these shoes are generally stiff and don't have a lot of give in the arch. The laces also tend to untie consistently.


We ask that everyone purchase the shoes without laces as they do not have laces and fit well to the dancer's foot. If you do purchase shoes with laces, you must tie them then cut them as we will be unable to tie shoes for dancers this year! We also suggest dancers purchase tap shoes that buckle or velcro. Laces should be removed and replaced with tap ties (rubber band type material) to allow dancers to put shoes on by themselves if necessary! 

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2-3 year old courses: leotard and tights of any color.  Tutus and skirts are welcome. leggings and a shirt or shorts and a shirt are also welcome. This class does not have a picky dress code. Ballet shoes without ties recommended for this class. 


Petite Ballet: leotard and tights of any color.  Tutus and skirts are welcome. Pink ballet slippers without ties.  


Fairytale Ballet: Leotard of any color. Tutus and skirts are welcome.  Footed tights suggested. Pink ballet shoes without ties.

Little Starz: leotard and convertible tights; bare feet for the first 6 weeks, black tap shoes start after the first 6 weeks. 

Kinderfunk or Hippity Hop: leotard or athletic wear and clean, black sneakers. 

Ballet: Solid color leotard and pink tights. Skirts welcome. Capezio ballet shoes encouraged. Hair pulled back in a bun. 


Jazz/Poms: Leotard any color, tights, dance shorts or skirt and tan jazz shoes required, hair in ponytail, bun or braids. 

Hip-Hop:  Any athletic wear is acceptable. No jeans or clothing that is stiff. Clean, black sneakers that are not worn outdoors should be work for this class. Students will not be allowed to wear sneakers they have worn in the parking lot for this class. This is extremely important as oils and dirt from outside will ruin our flooring. 


Tap: Leotard, tights, black tap shoes (check for specific style depending on level). shorts or skirt welcome! 

Lyrical/Contemporary: Leotard and footless tights with shorts or skirt.  Black leggings and a tank top/fitted t-shirt acceptable as well.  Bare feet, foot undeez, or tan jazz shoes acceptable. If your class is a ballet/lyrical or ballet/contemporary combo, follow the dress code for ballet. 


Acro/Gymnastics Classes: All gymnastics classes should wear a leotard or biketard - no skirted leotards. Shorts are welcome. bare feet.

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