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What should I wear to dance class? 

Check out our dress code right here


It’s our first time coming to dance class! What do we do? 

Welcome to our studio!  The first day of dance class, you should come up to the desk and check in with our front desk staff. Once you have taken care of everything you need to (filling out any remaining paperwork or paying any final balances) you can find a seat anywhere.  We suggest having your dancer use the restroom before coming into dance class (especially littles - as it is so distracting to leave in the middle of class and tends to start a “potty epidemic”). Get your shoes on and tied with ballet ties tucked into the shoes and feel free to hang out and quietly read or color. 


What are your studio rules/policies? 

We are so glad you asked! They are as follows: 

  • Parents please supervise your children in the lobby.   

  • Please no running, yelling, or rough place in the studio. This is very distracting to our students that are in class. 

  • No moving or standing on the furniture. Please do not move chairs or cubes to the window for younger siblings to watch. This is also distracting. 

  • Please no eating in the studio. Dancers who are at the studio for more than 2 classes may bring a snack with them for between classes but we ask for no snacking or eating in our lobby!

  • If something spills, please let us know.  Often times, by the end of the night, if something has spilled we might not see it, so it will stain our floor!


Why do I have to buy a ticket to a recital my child dances in? 

This is a great question!  While we would love to offer everyone free admission to watch their dancers perform, putting on a recital is pretty expensive!  In order to put on a recital, we have to pay for rental of the auditorium for haul-in, set-up, dress rehearsal, and the show, lighting and sound design, paying the auditorium staff, decor for the event, backdrops and props, tickets, programs and more. We want to give your children the chance to feel what it’s like to perform in a real and professional show and ticket purchases are a necessary part of putting on that level of a show! 


What is the Membership Fee for? 

Registration fees cover the costs associated with keeping our studio fresh, clean and new.  Having so many people coming through the studio each week puts a lot of wear and tear on the studio.  We go through a lot of cleaning supplies, furniture repairs, carpet cleaning, and more. We also put registration fees towards administrative duties associated with our dance studio. Membership fee also includes a t-shirt for the current season for each dancer!


Why can’t I sit in the dance room to watch my child dance?

In short, it is very distracting.  We understand that sometimes young ones are feeling nervous about coming into class without mom or dad.  However, we have found that the youngest dancers tend to run back and forth to their parent if they are in the room which can be distracting not only to that child, but also the other children in the class. If your dancer isn't ready to be in an independent class, please check out our magical movers parent and child class.

My child just had a birthday.  Should they move up to the next level of dance class? 

Just as in school, your child would stay in their level of dance for the entire dance year and should not move up until they have completed that year’s class. Our age cutoff is September 1.  That means, for example, that your child must be 3 as of September 1 to participate in a 3 yr old class and so on. 


Why are monthly payments the same if there aren’t the same number of weeks in each month? 

We calculate dance based on the school year (average number of dance lessons) then split them into 9 even payments. We build in 2 snow days into our year as well. 


Is it normal for my child to just stand and watch their first dance class? 

Yes! Often times our littles dancers may just stand or sit and observe.  Don’t worry!  This is common. Some students need more time than others to get into the groove of dance class. Often children who observe are just trying to understand how dance class works and how they feel about it before jumping in to participate. All students learn and progress at different rates.  Don’t worry!  They are still getting a lot out of the class and will begin participating when they are ready.  This usually won’t go on for more than 1-3 weeks! 


Do you offer free trial classes? 

If you are interested in trying a class, we will set that up for you and charge our drop-in rate.  If you choose to enroll in the class we will put that charge towards your session fee.  We also often have pop-up free drop-in classes for students to try things out! 


Do you rent out the studio?

Yes!  Click here to visit our rental page. 


Are you currently hiring? 

We are always accepting resumes from qualified dance teachers. Email us your resume and cover letter to apply!


What is your illness policy? 

We ask that students please do not come to dance class sick as dance can be a close contact activity! Please make sure that your child is fever free or on antibiotics for AT LEAST 24 hours.  Dancers who have been diagnosed with or exposed to Covid should follow all current quarantine rules. Dance is physically active and if your child has a bad cough, dance can cause more stress on that. This policy applies to lice as well. If your child does have lice, we ask that they are fully clear of lice for at least 24 hours before returning to dance class. 


What is your makeup policy? 

If you have miss dance for any reason, please email us at to get a list of appropriate makeup courses. We are happy to have you come to makeups at any time for classes you may have missed. However, we do not allow makeups for classes after Spring Break (we will be getting ready for our Spring recital) except for our tots classes! 


What is your drop policy? 

We understand that sometimes situations come up that prevent you from continuing dance classes. We do not offer refunds for classes that have been paid for but are happy to apply this to any future classes or camps. If, for some reason, you must drop mid-season we require 30 days written notice. Dance accounts can be paused if your dancer is recovering from an injury. Costumes are also non-refundable. 


Do you have a late payment fee? 

Yes. Tuition is due by the 1st of each month.  If it is not paid by the 5th, a $15 late fee will be assessed. If you have still not paid by the time the next bill has come, that fee will go up to $20. 

What is your weather-related closing policy?

Hearts in Motion follows the Northview Public School closing policy for weather related closings.  That means that if Northview is closed, we will be closed in the morning as well.  However, this does not mean that we will necessarily be closed in the afternoon.  We will always re-evaluate by 2:00 and notify families if we will be open in the afternoon. As far as makeups go, we build 2 snow days (per day of the week) into our schedule each year. After a second snow day (i.e. two Mondays), we will give you a list of acceptable makeups that you can take if you'd like. If we reach a third snow day or cancellation for other weather, we will schedule a class makeup day, generally on a Friday or Saturday!

In the event of a closing, we will also notify families via Facebook, e-mail and text message. Because of this, it is important to ensure that your information is correct in our online system! 

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