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Spring Recital

​Each Spring we put on an annual Recital.  The excitment that surrounds this annual event is truly amazing!  Dancers are able to show off all that they have learned throughout the year.  Our recitals are exciting for students, parents and teachers.  We are sure to put on a show that includes all fun and exciting music.  We also make sure that our costume choices are afforable, tasteful, and of course cute!


We try to keep our fees for both of these events low.  However, remember, there is a lot that goes into a recital!  We must pay for auditorium rental for dress rehearsal and the day of the show.  We also must pay for lighting design, programs, decorations, staff and more! Selling tickets is a necessary aspect to any show or recital! For a complete list of expenses you will need to pay for the year, please visit our tuition page.

Spring Recital 2022 - May 21
Grand Rapids Christian High School 

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